Sabai Property Law Firm is one of the leading Bangkok law firm based in the heart of the Business Circle of Thailand. Our law firm delivers exceptional legal and business advice to clients enthusiastically drawn from the real estate and business development field. Taking a joined-up approach we seek out solutions that embrace the unique needs of each individual or company. Being at the heart of the real estate and business development industries was a natural home for our law firm. Our location means that we are close to our clients and their other advisers. Developing strong links with other professionals has always been important to us. Sabai Property Law Firm’s lawyers engaged, approachable and fast-paced manner combined with the delivery of concise, clear and commercially-led advice is what helps the firm to develop long-term client relationships. 

Our law firm is well known for providing cost-efficient, reliable and long-term solutions for our clients as well as we are also known for providing the necessary solutions and significant steps that will benefits our clients. Sabai Property Law Firm have a number of lawyers who have established and marked their reputation in the real estate and property industry of Thailand. With the growing demand for properties for foreigners, we have adapted and we made sure that we can communicate, we can provide the best solutions and we are the best law firm for your property related needs in Thailand. Our law firm has managed to retain most of our clients and we have been providing them the best service ever since such as Opening bank account, Sales and Purchase Agreements, Due Diligence of the Property, Transfer of Ownership etc. Our services are tailor fit for every client, we make sure they are comfortable with every solutions and suggestions that we have for them.