Land and House acquisition in Thailand is a dream for some foreigners who considers Thailand as their second home. Owning a villa near the white and gorgeous beach in Phuket, or a house in Pattaya is an achieved goal for foreigners who wish to settle here in Thailand. There’s a significant number of foreigners who are considering Thailand to be their permanent residence, although it is quite hard and there are major provisions under the Thai Law that prohibits a foreigner to directly purchase a land and house there are already considerable options available. 

Dealing with real estate and properties in Thailand can be a bit of a complex process, it will require a professional property lawyer to deal with and accomplish. The properties in Thailand are divided into 3 types namely Condominiums, Villas or Houses, and Land Properties. Thailand is considered a haven for foreigners that wants to establish their business in Southeast Asia, in the same manner, it is also a haven for foreigners who wants to settle in Asia. The Kingdom of Thailand offers foreigners a number of benefits including beautiful white and gorgeous beaches, scrumptious foods and local delicacies, friendly and approachable people, world class health care and inexpensive property which attracts a number of foreign investors. 

Many foreigners come here to retire, others for vacation to enjoy what Thailand has to offer and majority is to invest and establish their businesses. For those who desire to stay long in Thailand, the ability to acquire property is an important issue. Our law firm has established its reputation for providing the best options to our foreign clientele in terms of property acquisition in Thailand, provided that our clients desire to own or buy a land or house property in Thailand, our priority is to give the best possible outcome to our clients.

If you are looking forward to acquire a property here in Thailand, may it be a villa or house or leasing a land, we can provide you all the necessary and significant information that you will need.